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Tick Tock

What a GREAT opening weekend! Thank you friends and fans for supporting the Kindle release of THE HUNTED. It was a long time in the making, and coincided with some great times in my life. I loved writing it, and feel it is faster, stronger, better than the first. Thanks to those who purchased a copy, more thanks to those that have read it already, and great thanks to those few who reached out to me and shared how much they enjoyed it. It’s such a thrill to hear from you!   So what’s next? Well, I’ve received many requests asking for a short prequelRead More →


How to write a Review. And why you should.

What is a book review really? Silly question? If you were to ask someone what they thought a Book Review was, they may reply with something along the lines of “What I thought about the book.. If I liked it or not..” Sound about right? In its simplest form that perspective is not wrong. A book review can express such sentiments, but is that enough? We don’t think so. We would like to challenge the norm, and encourage readers to think of writing a book review as an opportunity to; Have a voice and contribute to the reading and writing communities in a meaningful way.Read More →


THE HUNTED – coming to a retailer near you

A new town, a new baby, a hectic work schedule. Put them together and you have a delayed release. Hardly sounds reasonable right? 😛     I’m so happy to be able to announce that the official eBook release for THE HUNTED is slated for April 28th 2016! WOOHOO! It is available now as a Pre-Order for those who want to get it now while they remember. Click on the image, or here.   I’m currently putting something special together for my Members (behind-the-scenes perhaps), and will update this page when it’s done.   UPDATE: September 20th, 2016: Apart from DARK DAYS (the Prequel toRead More →