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A phenomenal fast pace story, which was impossible to put down until I finished!!

If you want action adventure reading this is a definite winner. The author has as gift and skill I have not seen in many prior authors. Mr Moore writes with an engrossing realism. He blends the main character to others in the story to give you the feeling of being there. I am eager to read many more exciting novellas and novels to come by Mr. Charlie Moore.

J. H. Kuhl


Very very good read lots of excitement just could not stop reading it. I will be looking out for more. Thank you.

Tick Tock!!

5StarsCharlie Moore’s Against the Clock is a burning churning thrill ride through the world of espionage/thrillers. From the first chapter (which was a little too sexually stimulating for my personal taste) to the book’s end, the reader is constantly awakened to sensory impressions that are visceral to say the least and over-the-top, on occasion. This rollercoaster novel is wild, fun, scary, and thoroughly enjoyable, and at times, pushes the envelope of believability.

Moore’s prose, in what I assume to be his first novel, provides much to be admired; it is rich in detail and tightly focused. The heroine/protagonist Shirin Reyes is extremely likeable, a quick-change artist able to assume personas with small changes in clothes, hair, or stature and as she fells each villain we cheer her on because this is how we would like to handle the scum-buckets we suffer in politics in today’s crooked world. The body count, however, is a bit high, and Reyes’ talent stretches the bounds of believability but if you just want a fast ride in which the lecherous leaders of today’s free world get their due, then sit back and appreciate the adventures as they come hurling past you.

Charlie never overburdens us with needless detail; in fact a bit more detail regarding the past may be helpful. While more delineation of certain characters would have been beneficial, this oversight does not detract from the overall storyline. Though the ending felt a bit incredulous, it was still a grand way to end this wild caper.

This thriller manages to create genuine suspense as a sort of psychological detective story. With characteristic grace and skill, Moore manages to turn this cat-and-mouse game into something suspenseful. I would highly recommend this compulsively readable debut to anyone who enjoys thrillers, well written storylines, fleshed out characters and a purposeful plot.

D. West

Charlie Moore was new author to - but now he's one I'll look out for!

5StarsThis book is captivating, and extremely well written. The story grabs you and sucks you in and you don't want it to end (but at the same time you do because you want to know what happens).

The next one is due next year and I for one can't wait. All of the characters are strong and the story is compelling.

Don't miss this - and you, like me, will be anxiously waiting for the next Shirin Reyes story.

Books like this don't come along to often!


Chris Thatcher

Female James Bond

5StarsTo me, this book read like a modern day, female, action packed James Bond. I do agree with some of the other reviews about the first few pages with the sex scenes. If you can get beyond that, I think you will really enjoy this story. The main character is tough but caring and likable. If you like non-stop action and intrigue, you will like this book!


Don't Miss Out On the High Action Novel of the Year

5StarsThis stunning novel, written by Australian Author Charlie Moore, is the fastest paced story I've ever read. It starts off with a very rich man meeting a lovely gal at a bar and taking her to his suite for a little play time. This woman is demure, very feminine, with smooth, tanned skin, and yet very muscular. When she leaves the suite, the security guard smoothly drops a tracking device in her handbag. Trent Barratt's team starts to track her, though no one seems to know who she is. But they will soon find out as she takes out three of Trent's team and escapes. Can this be the same demure woman? She has speed and intense alertness like a leopard. Trent had her in his scope, but then she disappeared. Director Selig would like to get rid of Trent, but he's informed that Trent is needed to find this woman and kill her. We soon learn this woman is Shirin Reyes, who once worked for the Agency under Director Selig. She had never failed her missions, but was an irritant to Selig. However, when her husband is murdered, she becomes adamant about finding all who were involved with his death. Who can she be working for? Or, better yet, who is she trying to bring down? Does she know that Selig had her husband killed? "Hell has no wrath like a woman scorned?" Shirin is seeking revenge. But all these movements of agents, assassinations, torture, and escape will make little difference when Operation Sandstone will be placed into action in about 6 1/2 hours. Did I mention this was fast paced? It's extremely well written, captivating and very suspenseful. The story line is potent, and you won't want the clock to run out until ... well, until perhaps the world might be saved? Read this story, your adrenalin will rise!

Nancy L. Silk, Author/Reviewer

Shirin is my new super heroin

5StarsOne of the best novels I've read in a while. Exciting from beginning to end. Would love some more Shirin in my life. Nice work Charles on your creation.

Ian Taylor

Super pageturner

5StarsFrom a moderate pace at the start, action picked up and seemed to constantly accelerate through the story. One technical glitch was relying on magnets on the skin of an aircraft. Thoroughly enjoyed the story and look for the next from the author.

czech mate


5StarsWOW! This is a first time thriller for Charlie Moore. It is exceptionally well written, highly charged, fast phased and gripping. I can honestly say that this thriller is in the top 5 best I've read. The story starts with a highly charged sex scene, where the reader is invited as a voyeur, however it is there for a reason. Every word in this story is there for a reason. The book is extremely well crafted, I would say by an author who has stuck with the grit of writing and honed his style to a near perfection. Charlie Moore has already established a staying power as a popular writer. With one book. That's a feat only few can master. I have seen few writers write a first good book, just to see them loose the bottom of it all in the second and third book. By reading Mr. Moor's first book, I can already see that he is definitely not in that category at all. His writing skills are already superb. This is a thriller like no other, the people in the story are evil and some sociopathic. I started questioning Shirin Reyes vengeance because of all the violence and bloodshed she left in the wake. Well, not all of it is hers. As I read on the picture became a lot bigger and clearer. It all made sense. The book is charged with technology, corruption, new modern concepts in a thriller. And oh yes, a lot of blood, gore and splattering brain matter, YAKES! What I find highly interesting in this fast phased thriller, even though there is very little time, the author manages to put in people feelings, their pondering, fear and doubt which makes them so utterly human, even some of the bad ones. I am very excited that there is obviously a sequel coming, which is highly indicated in the end. I can say with confidence that Charlie Moore is now one of my favorite writers, no escape now, from now on he's gonna have to write a lot of books for me ;) The only thing I can find to complain about in this story, are little and very rare nuances in the language because the author is Australian and I'm an American. Oh well it's not really his problem I'm just being USA centric


Great thriller-exciting female heroine/assassin

5StarsLoved it. Exciting and fast paced. I fell in love with the female lead character (Shirin Reyes) and her thinking process. The entire book wants me to read more from this author. I look forward to more books from Charlie Moore. Everything about this novel says polished, exciting and thrilling.

Sam Hendricks
author Just One More...

Lack of sleep feels worse than a hangover!

5StarsThis book is truly a non-stop piece of excitement but don't start reading it at 10pm because you won't be able to put it down and as the title of the review indicates reading all night is not a great idea! I suppose I read it 'against the clock' without realising that that was the title exactly... but it was well worth it especially when the theme was all about the good beating the evil perpetrators. And to top it off the high achiever was...yes you guessed it...a woman. Yes! We can do it of course we can! And she never lost her intention...never! I must say there were a few opportunities for the reader to pick up some excellent physical moves...not useful for some...but on the whole an interesting exposee of secret service ideals and power grabbing plans for the controllers in question. Charlie Moore keep writing! We can't wait for more! I did love the open ending.

Cornelia(CONNIE) MacErlean

Female Dirk Pitt

5StarsFor a moment I thought I was reading Clive Cussler. Excellent first book. Plenty of twists and turns to keep you from putting it down

Peter Loal

Cant wait for the screenplay

5Stars This fast paced action thriller has all the ingredients, intrigue, cross and double cross, political sabotage and a lust for power that leaves you wanting more. It's hint of psycho eroticism also leaves you with an appetite for more. I can't wait to see if there is a sequel, or even better a screenplay as I could see this turned into a fantastic movie. Shirin Reyes is the epitome of a scorned woman, with the skills and capability to exact her revenge on those who have wronged her. Charlie Moore you have done an outstanding job, I hope you deliver more of this top shelf material and hopefully also on the big screen !

Stephen Parry